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A Little About Us...


     A Dovetail is a type of joinery that brings pieces of wood together to make a strong bond.  In the summer of 2019, we wanted to take our passion for customer service and design, dovetail it with craftsmanship and quality creating relationships that transcend traditional business models.

     We believe in taking your vision and designing it with passion, insight, and beauty to make things that are usable, functional, and pleasurable, but most of all, simply to enjoy.   The design process is multi-faceted and requires a dedicated team to see a project through.  With our 25+ years in the woodworking industry, we've got this covered!

     Please browse our website and look at the various services offered and most of all, look at our gallery of accomplishments and inspiration.



"Dovetailed by design can design with great complexity, but it's the simple, functional designs that inspire!"  -Mike Kinkin 

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