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2020: A Year of Color Anew

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

In the art of designing a kitchen, color palettes flow through peaks of popularity like fresh waves. While some trends remain steadfast, the colors of 2020 are largely unique to previous years. Held below are samples and pairings of each of these colors, each of which could help freshen your home in a variety of ways. In 2020, we want to commit to innovating the incredible visions you have for your kitchen and bath through our work.

OC-57 White Heron

2152-50 Golden Straw

Light colors expand and illuminate any space, which is especially important in considering the look of any kitchen. While white cabinets have always been one of the preferred shades for a cabinet, consider accenting with a soft yellow for a room that beckons guests to spend a little time basking in the calm hues. Alternatively, brave souls can do the opposite and boast bright, proud yellow cabinets with subtle white accents. These calm tones have been a mainstay of kitchen design since the 1940's, giving a vintage touch if desired. Otherwise, clean modern shapes and lines can update the palette for the 21st century. Regardless of your style, Golden Straw and White Heron can serve to boost your kitchen's aesthetic sensibilities in some way or another.

Three very different kitchens use these principles to make welcome, sunny settings within their lovely homes.

2128-40 Oxford Grey

2062-30 Blue Danube

Shifting from the cheerful, sunny disposition of Golden Straw into the calm and collected Blue Danube is quite the jolt, but I can assure you that these kitchens are not something to underestimate. While yellow and white whisper of vintage, blue and grey shout modern. Pairing Oxford Grey into the mix gives a slick, metallic feel to the space that not only pairs well with the blue tones, but helps tie appliances into the mix as well. Smooth cool tones blend into each other effectively, allowing for the kitchen to neatly tie itself together. Even adding pops of white as a tertiary color can help lighten the space overall. If you are considering a change of style, these hues should definitely be up for consideration.

Three kitchens take these principles and make magic, combining these tones with all the poise needed to coordinate the striking Blue Danube with the mysterious Oxford Grey.

AF-685 Thunder

2102-70 First Light

Voted as Benjamin Moore's Color of 2020, First Light is a tone that teases at pink and hints at grey; a tone for everyone. Thunder is an excellent color to pair into the mix, providing the stability necessary to ground the kitchen space in reality. First Light sends young, pastel energy through any design, allowing for a room with fresh vibrancy and quiet joy. There are so many ways to pair these colors successfully, leaving the floor open for you to choose exactly which direction to take it. As such, I will let First Light and Thunder speak for themselves below.

The freedom to create is what First Light provides, allowing for a space that any guest would be overjoyed to spend time in.

These are just three amazing pairings that could elevate your kitchen into a space unique to you. Using #ColorTrends2020 will allow you to share your updated kitchen with the world. If any of these designs piqued your interest, let us here at Dovetailed by design help you make these kitchen dreams into a reality.

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